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Trapped between an Invigoration Crisis and the Micromanager, the result is... cartoons!

Written and drawn and coloured by Marco Bergman,  1-12 coloured by Boy Racer.

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Based on my slightly exaggerated experiences at work ( Tool design using CAD in an injection moulding plastics firm ), these cartoons are slowly produced as often as events warrant...

Drawn in Stephens Vivid marker on A3 paper, normally in a lunch break after a particularly irritating bout of micromanagement.

Any exact resemblance to persons living or brain-dead is purely coincidental.


Please note that clicking onto a displayed cartoon will download a higher resolution version, where available.


Drawing Office 1-5
Drawing Office 6-10
Drawing Office 11-15
Drawing Office 16-20
Drawing Office 21-25
Drawing Office 26-30
Drawing Office Unnumbered

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All drawings Copyright Marco Bergman (1999-2009)

These drawings may be freely used for private use, on the conditions that the author's initials and copyright message are not removed, and that the drawings not be altered, excepting colours.

If you want to change details,draw your own.

All commercial use prohibited without the express written permission of the author.