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The first chapter in the saga of Captain Skidd.


The 'N' series comprises 60 cartoons in a numbered series; hence 'N' for numbered...

I started drawing these cartoons in 1988, and after doing a few decided to formally number them in a series, with the aim of eventually getting them published. After 60 cartoons and 5 rejections, I shelved the publishing idea. This series has not since been formally continued, but the 'S' series is a continuation of them in a slightly less rigid format.

Originally drawn in black & white ( Artline 0.4mm felt-tip ), I have coloured them on the PC after scanning.

Why 'Captain Skidd'?        I must admit I no longer know the reason I chose the name, especially since Capt. Kidd was a privateer, not a pirate, and nothing like my character...

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Captain Skidd   'N' Series 1-5                         Captain Skidd   'N' Series 6-10

Captain Skidd   'N' Series 11-15                     Captain Skidd   'N' Series 16-20

Captain Skidd   'N' Series 21-25                     Captain Skidd   'N' Series 26-30

Captain Skidd   'N' Series 31-35                      Captain Skidd   'N' Series 36-40

Captain Skidd   'N' Series 41-45                      Captain Skidd   'N' Series 46-50

Captain Skidd   'N' Series 51-55                      Captain Skidd   'N' Series 56-60


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Influences include:

Herge - The Secret of the Unicorn

Herge - Red Rackham's Treasure

Robert Louis Stevenson - Treasure Island

Sid Meier - Pirates (computer game)( Microprose, on Amstrad CPC )



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All drawings Copyright Marco Bergman (1999-2009)

These drawings may be freely used for private use, on the conditions that the author's initials and copyright message are not removed, and that the drawings not be altered, excepting colours.

If you want to change details,draw your own.

All commercial use prohibited without the express written permission of the author.